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Test images dans texte

mercredi 3 mai 2023, par Guillaume

In my work I deal with words. I know a lot of words, a lot of nouns, and generally I know how to use them, but my idea of what objects those nouns actually represent is often vague. Gazing into the chaos of the toolbox I realised that, with the exception oh hammer, screwdriver, saw and a very few others, I could not match any of the tool words I knew with the tools in the box, still less with the one which wasn’t there and which I thought would probably do the trick.

Are pliers this pice 2 or this tenailles 2 ?

And is this clé a wrench ? If so, I thought I needed a wrench. By going back to the supermarket I’d avoid the embarrassment of having to ask. I went back to the supermarket (luckily it’s next door to our block of flats), chose a clé that looked strong enough, and also bought a small can of machine oil. The clé had a hole at the end of its handle. I would put the screwdriver in the hole and twist it.